Help Build Hope Today!

Help Build Hope Today

Dear Friend,

As summer arrives, it feels like the entire world is slowly re-opening. There is excitement and hope that we will soon be able to gather with friends, travel, attend events… activities that bring us joy and enrich our lives.

But not everyone affected by schizophrenia shares that hope. Societal changes and uncertainties from COVID-19 continue to negatively affect those with schizophrenia. Demand for our programs and services increased more than 40% during the pandemic! And this trend shows no sign of stopping. 

Families are desperate for answers; they are looking for how they can get the best care and treatments for their loved ones. They tell us that BCSS is the only organization that provides the education and resources that give them “a reason to hope… the means to cope.”

On May 26th, BCSS marked World Schizophrenia and Psychosis Day with an event featuring two speakers, a Mom named Michele who has a son with schizoaffective disorder, and a man named Jon who is living with schizophrenia.  You can hear the recording of their stories on our website:

When two of our loyal supporters listened to Michele and Jon, they were very moved. Like Michele, they had left no stone unturned, searching for the best care possible for their son. And as they heard Jon’s story and read his book, they remembered the painful struggles their son went through.

They know firsthand what it’s like to look for answers, not knowing where to turn. But BCSS’ programs and services were there for them and gave them hope. To help BCSS continue to support other families, these loving parents want to inspire you to join them in building hope for other families.

From now until September 2, 2021, this Mom and Dad will match your gift—up to a total of $10,000… doubling your impact!

In addition to matching every gift, this Mom and Dad have also agreed to match your first year of monthly gifts, of $10 or more, to build hope for other families.

Monthly giving makes such a big difference in funding research and giving BCSS the means to continually update and improve its programs, educational materials, and resources. And this support has never been more important than it is today in helping families cope with the ongoing challenges from COVID-19.  

These loving parents are forever grateful for the help and compassion they received from our Regional Educators.  Through our family support groups and Strengthening Families Together program (SFT), they gained insight into schizophrenia and learned coping strategies that they could not find anywhere else. 

More people are turning to BCSS for help every day.  And your donation will build hope by giving families the information and tools they need so they can cope.  

Every contribution makes a difference.  And because of the matching gift challenge from our grateful couple, any donation you make will be doubled! 

Please Build Hope Today and have your generosity matched


Renato Zane, Volunteer Chair
BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation

P.S. You can make your gift online at  or call Cynthia at 604-270-7841. Remember, each and every donation made by September 2nd will be doubled, up to a maximum of $10,000!