BC Schizophrenia Society offers effective treatment and support for families affected by schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses. Additionally, our mission is to support families affected by schizophrenia through education, advocacy, and research.

Help us support individuals in British Columbia affected or impacted by serious mental illnesses by running for BCSS. 

“I run because I adore my son, and I feel like he is lost to me right now. I run because of the pain, distress and distrust I see in his eyes every day. I run because I want somebody to figure this disorder out and tell me what I can do to help him. I run because I want everyone to know about schizophrenia and what it is like to live with it, so they will have compassion and patience with those that do. I run because I want my son back, and there isn’t a whole lot else I can do other than wait and show love and support. I run to raise awareness and funds.

In his mid-teens [my son’s] personality started changing; he was very depressed, he started cutting classes and self-medicating. At 20 years old he was finally diagnosed with schizophrenia and we started our journey into the world of mental illness. Like so many before us we didn’t even know where to start, but have been lucky that we were able to attend some education sessions and have formed a network of support. We rely on groups like the BCSS for information and professional support.

So why run? Because I don’t want anyone to be afraid to tell someone else they are sick or their loved one is sick because they are afraid of a reaction based on ignorance. Because I would like research to be funded so that my beautiful son will one day come back to me. Recovery is possible, and expected but a lot of help is required.”

Guelda Redman, mother and runner for Team BCSS


Virtual racing offers a flexible and safe way to participate in the Scotiabank Charity Run. With a virtual race, you can run your own route and track your time using a mobile app, wearable device, or manual timer.

Where to run: 

You can run from wherever you are. Please follow social distancing guidelines and traffic rules when planning your run.   

When to run: 

The BC Schizophrenia Society urges you to run with us all (wherever you are) on June 27, 2021. However, the virtual race can be completed between June 2 to July 5, 2021.

Have any additional questions? Click here to find out more.


To register for the Scotiabank Charity Run, click here. You will first have to select a distance that you would like to walk or run.

You will then be able to decide to register as an individual with an existing team or to create a new team yourself.

To register individually:

  1. Select “I’d like to join an official ScotiaBank Charity Challenge team”
  2. Under “Select Team” enter BC Schizophrenia Society

To register as a new team:

  1. Select “I’d Like to create a new fundraising team”
  2. Under “Team name” enter your new team name
  3. Under “Do you want to set preferred fundraising organization(s) for this team?” Enter BC Schizophrenia Society. 

To register under an existing team:

When creating a new team, Team Captains will receive a registration link for their team. Use the team link to register. 


You can easily share the link to your donation page in email or on social media, allowing others to support your walk/run.

Encourage your friends and family to donate to your team through your fundraising link! You can access the BCSS donation page here.

To increase your donations, edit your page with your photo and personal story as to why you are choosing to walk or run.


  • Faculty Brewing
  • The Keg
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company
  • Spokes Bicycle Rentals – Denman Location
  • Steel and Oak Brewing Co.
  • Viking Air
  • White Spot


  • Most Money Raised by An Individual Runner – A $250 Gift Card for Viking Air’s Gift Shop
  • Most Number of Donations Received by A Team – A $150 Gift Card for White Spot
  • Most Number of Donations Received by An Individual Runner – Two Full Day Rentals + Water Bottles from Spokes Bicycle Rentals – Denman Location
  • One Random Draw for a $80 Gift Certificate for Faculty Brewing
  • One Random Draw for a $50 Gift Certificate for Parallel 49 Brewing Company
  • One Random Draw for a $25 Gift Certificate for The Keg
  • One Random Draw for a Steel and Oak Brewing Co. Gift Basket (4 beer glasses and 2 growlers)